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The taste and composition of honey is recorded in the density and distribution of pollen

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Automated Pollen Analysis.

Get your results within minutes. There is no need to send samples to an external laboratory and wait several days for the results.

BeeLabo is an application that allows you to carry out a pollen analysis of your honey quickly and easily.

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BeeLabo Helps You Save Money.

BeeLabo helps you avoid human error and variability between laboratories. BeeLabo ensures replicable results and precision. The app is constantly being upgraded with artificial neural networks, and our experts constantly update our database with new pollen types. With BeeLabo, you have full control over the process and product with an incomparably lower investment. Perform the analysis at your own location and get the results immediately.


Software as a service (SaaS) - avaiable via web browser

Up to Date

Database has beem improving all the time.

Ready to Use

Dedicated devices that enable automatic swabs and pollen analysis

Made with Love

Working 24/7

Innovative Solution: Step-By-Step Process

1. Prepare your sample
Before taking the honey sample, ensure sterile conditions.
2. Take a photo
The application automatically detects the photos taken and sends them to BeeLabo panel for automatic sample examination.
3. Click Send button
The application does not require any special software; all features are available via the website.
4. Get your results
BeeLabo algorithm performs analysis within minutes.

The origin of honey

Pollen analysis is the only study that allows to determine both the botanical origin of honey, i.e. the species of plants from which the honey was made, and to determine the geographical origin of the honey – i.e. from which place of the world it comes from.

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